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Tel: 0161 428 4980 | Email:


Prices are below for all the services that we offer. Please contact us if you need more information on any of our treatments / services.
Massage (Fran)DurationPrice
Sports Injury Treatment1 hour£40.00
Sports Massage 1 hour£40.00
Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour£40.00
Hopi Ear Candle-£20.00
Acupuncture (Balwant)DurationPrice
Adult: Initial Consultation (incl Treatment)2 hours£60.00
Adult: Treatment1 hour£45.00
Child / Young Person: Initial Consultation (incl Treatment)2 hours£50.00
Child (up to age 16) : Treatment45 Mins£35.00
Young Person (16 to 21 years old): Treatment1 Hour£40.00
Counselling (Vicky)DurationPrice
Informal initial session -FREE
Individual Counselling: 50 Mins£45.00
Students: 50 Mins£30.00
Coaching (Vicky)DurationPrice
Informal initial session -FREE
Individual Coaching

1 hour (and ongoing support in between sessions) £60.00