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Below are list of our clients who have been very happy with our services.

I have been coming to the clinic for over 30 years to see Fran, who treats me for my many ailments and does a great job in helping to keep me upright.  I have always found Fran and her staff to be extremely caring, helpful, and friendly, going that extra mile to help wherever they can!

J Vivante-Sowter     June 2019

I made the appointment at the clinic after I developed a hamstring problem while running.  I suffered for weeks during which time I saw my GP who recommended rest, ice packs and painkillers which was good until I ran then straight away the problem returned.  Fran told me that too much rest might not be good as I needed to do some gentle exercise to encourage the blood flow to help heal the injury.  A series of progressed exercise and hands on treatment from Fran and my improvement was exceptional.  The friendly staff and atmosphere at the clinic made me feel at ease straight away.  I cannot thank you all enough.

B Cooke     August 2018

I have suffered with lower back pain for several years and at times have struggled to walk.  I called and made an appointment with Fran at the clinic after she was highly recommended.  I left with loosened muscles and reduced pain.  The treatment was different to anything I’d had before, now I have nothing but praise, she is knowledgeable, caring and I would recommend without hesitation.

Anthony Noden    August 2018

Fran’s approach made me feel at ease , she is friendly and professional.  When I arrived the staff were pleasant and made me feel comfortable although I was in a lot of pain with my shoulder.  Fran got straight to the problem , she offered hands on treatment and was able to get to the bottom of my problems.  After the treatment I did the exercises Fran gave me to rebuild the muscles after which I saw daily improvement.  Highly recommend!

Sinita     August 2018

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recommend Fran.  I have numerous injuries that I have seen Fran for over the years.  She has kept me going and always gives sensible advice and puts me at ease as soon as I see her.  Would recommend to anyone.

Yasmin     July 2018

I injured my back doing DIY thinking it would go away I left it for a few weeks.  I tried ice packs and a back support still the pain wouldn’t go away.  I was recommended to see Fran and after massage and some guidelines on what things to do and what to avoid I am now pain free.  The Natural Health Clinic will be the first place I will call next time.

David Hulme     July 2018

I went to the Natural Health Clinic suffering back pain and I was unable to walk normally.  After 3 treatments I am now pain free and back at the gym. The clinic is so professional and the staff are so caring.  I highly recommend.

Wendy Nixon     June 2018

After I strained my calf a few weeks ago and struggled to walk, someone suggested I see Fran. I cannot recommend her enough to my friends for her friendly and professional treatments.

M Kinsett     June 2018

I first went to the clinic suffering from a trapped nerve in my neck, Fran’s treatment was so effective the discomfort I had suffered for sometime eased. Fran is clearly very experienced I am so glad I found her.

Helen Chapman     May 2018

After suffering back pain for some time where some days it was so bad I unable to stand up right. Fran went above and beyond to help and now I am pain free.

Lillian Ellison     May 2018

I had a sports massage following an injury brilliant treatment and my injury is fixed.

J  Bowers     April 2018

I went to see Fran with shoulder pain and back ache. She worked out what the problem was straight away and now I am pain free.

Nick Walker     April 2018

I had chronic pain in both legs and hips and been told I may require surgery. After a few treatments with Fran I am pain free and definitely don’t need surgery.

Elisha P     March 2018

I recently had treatment at the clinic and chose Fran because of her years of experience. The Natural Health Clinic is a caring and friendly place. I am now getting back to fitness after my treatment and would highly recommend Fran to anyone.

Joe Littlewood     August 2017

I am a long distance runner who has problems with my hip flexor impacting on my long distance running.  I needed to seek professional help and I made an appointment at the clinic. Fran told me to reduce my running as the impact could cause further damage.  I feel like a new person since she treated my back, legs and hips.

John Dillon     August 2017

I am a regular runner who developed pain in my hips and both knees.  I made an appointment at the clinic not knowing what to expect. I received a wonderful treatment and am so grateful to Fran for her top quality hands on treatment.

Claire       July 2017

I suffered for 6 months with neck and shoulder pain impacting on my life. I found myself taking pain killers every day. Then I had an appointment with Fran and after 2 treatments I could drive without pain, I came off the painkillers and I feel like I have a new neck! I will, and have, recommended Fran to others without hesitation.

Abbi Ahmed       June 2017

I made an appointment with Fran after she was highly recommended to me, and she made such a difference to my back.  I was suffering with lower back pain which seemed to radiate to both hips.  I am now pain free and wish I had gone sooner!

Vera     May 2017

Fran is a caring and understanding person who definitely knows her job.  Excellent service and advice and the exercises she gave me to reduce the pain in my lower back were hugely beneficial. I’m feeling so much better and would recommend her to anyone.

Fahid Aslim   May 2017

I made an appointment at the Clinic when I really couldn’t walk due to my lower back pain. 2 weeks later I am pain free thanks to Fran who treated me with care and understanding. The Clinic and staff are professional and welcoming.

Shirley H   February 2017

I had never suffered pain before and didn’t know what to do.  I had seen my GP who prescribed pain killers and suggested gentle exercises.  4 weeks later I was still in pain when a friend recommended the Clinic.  I found Fran to be professional, caring and friendly and she didn’t try to sell herself. Great news I have no pain and am fully recovered.

Camera   February 2017

I went to the Clinic to get help with my debilitating knee pain.  I saw Fran who gave me some realistic advice and a treatment plan to improve my ongoing knee problem. I will definitely recommend this friendly Clinic.

Maggie   February 2017

I highly recommend Fran – she has  healing hands.  In November 2016 I developed pain in my neck and shoulders yet after just 2 treatments I am pain free.  I will definitely be recommending Fran to friends and family.

Lee Phillips   January 2017

I was recently recommended to see Fran to see if she could improve my damaged rota cuff injury.  The service provided couldn’t be better – the staff were helpful and the atmosphere in the Clinic is pleasant.  I am completely pain free and want to say thank you.

J Weston   January 2017

I am a chronic back sufferer.  In times of need Fran at The Natural Health Clinic never fails to provide firm and effective treatments whilst always being friendly and delightful.  Her fees are very reasonable and I would recommend her to anyone.

Lynn Abbott   November 2016

Not only is Fran Staton a genuine caring kind person but an extremely skilled therapist who has succeed in providing relief from longstanding problems where other therapists have failed. -It is obvious that this is not just a job to her but a vocation.

Jane Bruce   October 2016

I visited the clinic in February 2016 suffering with back pain and after just 3 sessions my level of pain was under control.  Since treatment I stopped my anti-inflammatory tablets as they never gave me long term relief.  A highly beneficial treatment and I will continue to visit Fran on an occasional basis to avoid future problems

Vijay   February 2016

I am now back training after many months of pain when running.  I will recommend Fran to anyone with a sports injury.

Naveed   April 2016

I highly recommend The Natural Health Clinic and their staff.  Seen many people over the years with my back problem but Fran Staton has made the biggest difference by a long way.

Thank you.

June Robinson   April 2015

I had suffered continual headaches and tried all remedies, alternative practitioners and my own GP when I was recommended to see Fran.  After just one hours treatment my head pain had eased considerably, and after 3 hourly sessions I was pain free.  Since then The Natural Health Clinic has become the place for me.  The staff are friendly and I would recommend to anyone.

Graham Lewis   January 2015

Fran took my treatment slowly, she worked through some stretches with me followed by her professional massage.

My knee pain has gone ….. Wonderful ……Thank you!

Alan Harper   October 2014