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What we offer

Tel: 0161 428 4980 | Email:

What we offer

Welcome to The Natural Health Clinic, established over 40 years ago and conveniently situated by Kingsway traffic lights in Gatley. Our highly qualified team of therapists offer a wide range of treatments including massage, sports massage, sports injury therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, counselling, and physiotherapy, bringing extensive experience in treating clients of all ages.

Sports Injuries

Are you an active person engaging regularly in sport activities? Sports can put your body under a great deal of physical and emotional stress. Do you have scar tissue build up after injury to muscles or ligaments that could hinder your performance? We offer treatment to remove adhesions, muscle fibres, improve circulation and eliminate toxins. Fran specialises in sport injury treatments and can improve mobility and flexibility whilst relieving pain in stiffened and aching joints.

Sports Massage

Is a sport massage what you are looking for? Massage can prevent and treat injuries; it breaks down scar tissue, improves mobility and can alleviate future postural problems. Deep tissue massage helps the blood flow by clearing the lymphatic glands and at the same time relieving stress, tension and improves the circulation. By stretching the muscle and the surrounding tissue, pain in joints can be relieved. Regular massage treatments can prevent the risk of future injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Full body massage is a natural way to relieve tension, general aches and pains or stress. The most common areas of stress are the neck and shoulders. But maybe it’s your limbs, feet or back whatever the problem we have the treatment for you. Call today for a tailored made treatment to feel renewed.


Physiotherapy is used to restore normal body function to patients suffering from a wide range of injuries and/or suffering with pain.  Once undertaken a range of diagnostic tests to determine the nature and cause of the problem, Physiotherapists use their hands to mobilise stiff joints and release tight muscles, as well as providing specific exercises to target precise areas of the body.   

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candle therapy is a relaxing and non-invasive treatment of the ears.  Tubes coated in beeswax and herbs are lit to allow the warm air in the ear to rise creating a gentle vaccum stimulating the ear and allowing the removal of excess wax and impurities.


Reflexology is a safe and natural complementary therapy that has been around for over five thousand years.  It provides a blissfully relaxing treatment involving manipulation of the feet, and occasionally the hands and ears.  It works on the premise that the body is mapped out in our feet, hands and ears via reflex points and by applying pressure to these reflex points, we are accessing the different parts of the body via the nervous system, helping to aid relaxation, release tension and stress, enhance sleep and improve general wellbeing, helping us to cope with the stresses and strains that are associated with modern life.


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine dating back nearly two thousand years based on the principal of restoring the body’s equilibrium to alleviate pain and illness. Balwant Kaur is a highly trained and experience practitioner who offers a broad and complex range of treatments from The Natural Health Clinic. Her expertise include respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, gynaecological, emotional/spiritual and pain problems. Further information on Balwant and the treatments she offers can be found on her website.


At times it can be challenging to express complex emotions with those closest to us and to share the difficulties that we may be experiencing. Counselling is a talking therapy that offers a neutral space to explore any kind of issue, no matter how big or small, in an environment that is safe, supportive and confidential. It can help you to resolve your current or past issues and also equip you with the tools needed to deal with new challenges more effectively.

Counselling not only helps to alleviate distress and give you a clearer understanding of your situation, but it can also support you with personal change. Being able to understand yourself more can assist with redefining your values and goals, which often results in adjustments of unwanted behaviours.